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Experience the authentic Romanian life in the heart of one of its oldest neighbourhoods.

Casa Scheiana is a family-run Bed & Breakfast in the heart of Brasov, Romania.

Located within Schei, one of the city's oldest traditional neighbourhoods, the city centre is just a 10-minute walk away.



Explore your options and  reserve your favourite.



Optional Breakfast


We offer a breakfast basket with all your morning essentials, on demand.

Free Wifi


Catch up with your friends & family using our complementary Wifi.



Enjoy the sunshine and our (charmingly) overgrown plants.

Daily Housekeeping


You're on holiday - we'll handle the mess, you have fun.

Learn about Brasov


We're passionate about Romanian culture and history - ask us anything.

Directions & advice

Being in a new city is both exciting and confusing. We're here to help.





City Centre Tour


Discover the charming little nooks & crannies of Brasov. We're happy to show you around.

Cultural Sites


Founded in the 1200's, Brasov is rich in history - see the old citadel, cathedral and even the first-ever Romanian school.

Food and Drink


Any foodie will be happy to hear that we've got the soul food of Europe. We'll tell you the best places to eat.

Wine Tastings


Not many people know about the virtues of Romanian wine. We've got a rich tradition which produces award-winning wines.

Climbing the Mountain


Well, it's not really climbing, and it's more of a hill than a mountain - but the view from the top is quite something.

Dracula's Castle 


Although close to Brasov, it can be difficult for tourists to get there. Ask us and we'll happily drop you off.





The Golden Stag Festival


The famous music festival has featured amazing local musicians as well as international ones such as The Scorpions, James Brown and Christina Aguilera.

The Christmas Market


Romanians know how to celebrate Christmas. Every year, we adorn our city centre with lights and host one of the most beautiful Christmas Fairs in Romania. Mulled wine, anyone?

The Feast of the Youth


Celebrating Spring and renewal, the Sunday after Easter seven groups of men from Schei will ride from the mountains and travel around Brasov.

Transylvania 100


Mountain ultra-runs through the wilds of Transylvania, starting and finishing at Dracula's castle.

Oktoberfest Brasov


The famous German beer festival is also celebrated in Brasov every September. Be warned, things get messy... In the best way possible.

Cultural Events


Brasov locals love their culture - you can check out our theatres, opera and ballet, as well as the many art shows.



The Black Church


The main cathedral of Romania, it was built by the German community of the city and stands as the most important Gothic style monument in the country.

The First Romanian School


Built in 1495, this is the first school in the territory of present-day Romania where Romanian language was used in teaching.

Rope Street


Discover one of the narrowest streets in Europe. It was built in the 15th century to afford fire fighting brigades passage between the major thoroughfares at either end.


The best stay in my entire life! I’ve had a “like home” feeling!


- Daniel, Romania

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We're always looking for ways to offer a better experience to our guests. If you've visited us before, please let us know what you think by filling the form below and emailing us your thoughts.


P.S. ... Are you into biking?

We partner with an outdoor tours company to give you an unforgettable experience of Brasov. Check them out here - we'll get you in touch if you're interested.

Tel: 0040771003082

Str.Doctor Vasile Saftu, No. 4,Brasov, Romania


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